Alex Cripe

Founder and Principal at Oblique Insight

Alex Cripe is the Founder and Principal at Oblique Insight, an advertising agency that provides strategic consultancy services to brands. Alex has marketing experience of over 15 years and has worked with clients such as Sephora, Benchling, Nike, PepsiCo, Warner Brothers, and Gap Inc. During the early stages of his career, he worked as a freelance writer with ARTISTdirect where he critiqued films. 

Previously, Alex has also led strategic planning for CP portfolios as the Global Consumer Products Brand Strategist at Netflix. He was also the Head of Global Brand & Content (Contract) at Benchling, Head of Strategy at Redscout, and EVP - Strategy at Superfly. 

Accomplishing brand connection takes an awareness of both context and community — understanding where and when a connection can occur and leveraging deep cultural insight to ensure it does.

Content marketing journey

Alex believes that the foundation of every great brand lies in its commerce, culture, and ability to collaborate and the right strategy has the potential to open the brand up to a world of immense possibilities. In his 15 years of experience, Alex has worked as a strategist where he helped brands build a name in the market. He has helped brands and startups connect consumer insights to real-world strategy and is a strong believer in action-based strategies for the real world. 

I work mainly at the convergence of culture, commerce, content, and collaborations, with a firm belief that brands that act in a more human way connect with more humans more often.

Having worked with international clients such as Intel, Nike, Microsoft, Tropicana, LEGO, etc, Alex has gained significant experience that enables him to offer brands strategies and innovative techniques to market their products and services like a pro. 


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