Akshatha Kamath

Head of Content Marketing at MoEngage

Akshatha Kamath is the Head of Content Marketing at MoEngage, where she oversees the marketing, strategy, distribution, and everything related to content. With over 10 years of experience in the content marketing industry, Akshatha is skilled in digital marketing, driving communication, building content strategy, and much more. She has worked with brands such as Simplilearn, Vizury, and Conzerv Systems Pvt Ltd.

Content marketing journey

Akshatha started her career as an engineer but eventually transitioned into the world of content. Her journey into the content industry commenced when she joined Conzerv Systems Pvt Ltd as a technical writer in 2005. Akshatha attributes this transition to her love for writing and reading. She eventually moved into content marketing in 2014.

Her journey from a content writer to a content marketer is entirely self-taught and a product of her experience. Akshatha joined MoEngage as Head of Content Marketing in 2018, where she manages content marketing, strategy, and distribution.

Challenges in content marketing

Among the various challenges in content marketing, Akshatha talks about the difficulty of garnering credibility. She also mentions that marketers can often get carried away with attention to content. They must have a rationale and make appropriate use of the budget, importance, workforce, etc. allotted to content marketing.

Akshatha says that emphasis must be paid to creating good content, and not on quantity. Marketers must be able to differentiate between the varieties of content and pick content that stands out. Content cannot be automated and content strategies need to have a dynamic approach.

Importance of metrics

Akshatha recommends some effective ways to measure content marketing success. She talks about tracking content that's engaging inactive accounts and generating TOFU traffic. She also suggests focusing on bottom-of-the-funnel conversions and the impact created. Some other helpful metrics may include tracking bounce rate, email open and click rates, engagement on blogs, revisitors, etc.

Content is a huge chunk of the marketing function.

B2B marketing tips

Akshatha believes that the impact of content on B2B is as high as B2C, and while B2C content can be short-lived, B2B content has a longer shelf life and can induce a long-term impact. To make B2B marketing interesting, she suggested following trends and creating content around the same.

Akshata also recommends sharing data and relevant information to make content credible. Moreover, inculcating in-trend topics and news can help give the content an interesting angle, she says.

Besides marketing, content also plays a key role in customer advocacy, customer engagement, and sales enablement.

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