Adam Risman

Content Marketing Lead, Flaire

With over a decade of experience in journalism and marketing, Adam Risman is currently working as the Content Marketing Lead at Flair, a digital wholesale market platform that deals with entrepreneurs worldwide. Adam has previously worked as a marketer for companies like Slack and Intercom. During his stint as a journalist and editor, Adam worked with brands such as Vox Magazine, MSN UK, and Time Inc.

You wouldn’t build a product that reaches users through just one interface or in only one context, so why limit content marketing to just one medium?

Content marketing journey

Adam Risman describes himself as a marketer and journalist. He commenced his professional journey as a journalist and worked as an editor with top brands such as Vox Magazine, Pace Communication, and Time Inc. His experience as a journalist and editor helped him gain insight into the importance of high-quality and meaningful content. 

He then joined Intercom as a Content Marketing Manager and Editor where he was a part of the award-winning blog called Inside Intercom. He also led the production of Intercom's weekly podcast. 

In customer engagement, the right context for a message matters just as much as the right time and recipient. Given that content is in itself a tool for engagement, the same principle is in play.

Adam believes in the power of stories and in his current role as the Content Marketing Lead at Flair, he aims at harnessing the potential of storytelling and empowering entrepreneurs around the world.


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