Christopher Cooper

Content Marketing Director at EverCommerce

Christopher Cooper, also known as Chris C or Chris Cooper, is the Content Marketing Director at EverCommerce, a service commerce platform, where he acts as the Central Team lead and oversees content marketing efforts. Previously, he founded and worked at Silverjack and Real Good Writing. 

Write one sentence about the purpose. What is the purpose of writing this? When I was teaching writing, I started every writing lesson with an audience and purpose because kids needed that. That’s the first thing that shows up in my briefs as well. Who is it for? And what are we trying to do? It doesn’t matter what your theme or your topic is if you can’t clearly articulate who it’s for and what you want it to do.

Content marketing journey

With over ten years of experience in content marketing, Chris began his career as an English Teacher and transitioned into the field of content strategy and writing when he founded Real Good Writing in 2013.

A background in writing helped him accomplish and develop his skills as a copywriter, content marketer, and content strategist. He believes that incorporating data and mapping customer journeys can help improve key metrics and drive results. 

Have the SEO team optimize your briefs – the writer isn’t being paid to do that. If you can feed them some keywords, phrases we’re looking to target, some H2s, that’s usually enough.


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