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Play with your content marketing strategy with the expert creators of Pepper Content, who will optimize your content to engage with more gamers.

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2500+ Businesses trust us with their content


Your Team of Content Players to Hit the Bulls-Eye

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Creators who Know their Game Well

Our team of content creators draws from their experience as gamers or from related backgrounds. As a result, video game content writers add a personal touch, making the content relatable for players.

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Edge Over Your Competition

We help you enliven your content with the right strategy and drive more traffic to your site. Level up your website’s engagement and take your gaming business to heights.

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Never lose your Game to Deadline

Don’t like to wait too long for freelance video game creators to deliver your content? We have a large network of creators and a robust system to ensure no deadline is missed.

Gaming Content We Specialize in

  • Game Reviews
  • Game Analysis Posts
  • Gaming Tutorials
  • Gaming News
  • Playing Guides
  • Listicles
  • Game Website content
  • Gaming App Content
  • Design wireframes
  • Digital Content for Engagement
  • Anything else in mind? Tell us.

Let’s gamify content creation for you.


Outline Your Requirements

Use our hassle-free guided flow to create a brief. Let our platform analyze your website’s requirements and target audience.

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We Curate the Best Creators

With the help of our algorithms, we bring together the best gaming content creators. These creators are briefed, prepared, and launched into your project.

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Get Real-Time Updates

Our dashboard lets you track real-time progress. You can know about every stage of content creation, from commissioning to writing to delivery.

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We have built more than 7,245 pieces of content for our Gaming clients this year.

Types of Gaming Clients we Cater to

  • Console Gaming Studios
  • Video Gaming Studios
  • Mobile Gaming Studios
  • PC Gaming Studios
  • VR/AR Gaming Studios
  • Gaming Blogs
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Accessory Makers
  • ....and the list is endless!

Hire a Gaming Content Expert

  • 100% original content
  • Subject-matter expertise
  • Highest quality at affordable prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a writer who is not a noob in content?

If that is your requirement, you’ve arrived at the right place. Our gaming content writing team specializes in consoles, PCs, handhelds and everything content. So no place for content noobs and you will get only experts.

How do creators get the brief of a Content project?

We have a platform which makes it easier for your team to order gaming content. The ordering flow on our platform understands your intent, personality, and audience voice. Post that we assign the right creators to your project and they deliver what you require.

Is there a video game writer?

Absolutely. We have many video game writers who write blogs, reviews, cover news releases, and even design all things gaming.

Will I rank higher with your content?

Our gaming content writers are trained and experienced. We know what it takes to drive traffic to your website and make the best use of SEO tactics. In fact, we have graphic designers who help you make this content or any other content look attractive and engaging enough for your audience.

What if I am not too happy with the content?

That doesn’t happen often. But, if it does, you can use our system to request edits and ensure that the video game creator working on your project delivers only the best.

What topics do you write on Gaming Industry?

The scope of content marketing for the gaming industry is vast. We help you handle trending topics, game reviews, listicles, tutorials, and equipment analysis with the same enthusiasm.

Can you help suggest content topics for my Gaming brand?

Definitely. We may not understand the nuances of business, but we do understand the content and its readers. Our AI-powered tool helps you curate content ideas, expanding your marketing activities and scope for better customer outreach. This tool uses AI technology to give you what’s trending in gaming content. Also, you can reach out to us for human intervention.

How do I know the content is 100% unique?

Copying is a big No-No at Pepper Content. We take plagiarism seriously and ensure that every piece of content is checked for plagiarism using the right tools and algorithms. Our creators use their creative juices to craft out a unique piece of content for you.


Why is Gaming Content gaining popularity?

Gaming has emerged as a popular category in the entertainment industry. Many people are playing games on their laptops and mobile phones to reduce stress and enjoy everyday life. In the last few decades, gaming industries have grown and evolved significantly. Consequently, you will find hundreds of gaming blogs, forums, websites, articles, communities, news portals, and more sharing content about the industry. 

Improve business performance with professional gaming content writing 

If you want to target sports and gaming lovers, you need exceptional gaming content. We are one of the best content writing service platforms in the country. Our team of skilled writers has mastered the art of words and crafts engaging, exciting, and interesting content. 

Generate more revenue with focused content marketing for the gaming industry.

With an efficient knowledge of gaming as well as SEO, we devise a content strategy that helps you generate more traffic and sales. Our content can be used on your blogs, articles, website, and social media platforms to create awareness amongst the target audience. 

We excel at content that helps you grab the attention of potential clients.

There’s content everywhere. Some businesses believe that it is saturated. But it is still the primary method of communicating with your potential customers. Gaming content isn’t limited to text; it also entails visual media. And you cannot use the same content for different platforms. We help you differentiate between social media content, blog content, website content, and other mediums so that you can provide your target audience with what they are looking for. 

We assist with social media gaming content.

Social media has become a popular channel of communication. However, you must know that your communication techniques on these platforms can make or break your association with the target audience. We have expertise in social media gaming content. We ensure that when someone follows you, they are impressed with what you have to say. Our video game content writers only deliver what can keep your online audience engaged.


Trust our word for content that rewards.

We have years of experience in gaming content writing, and our previous clients are elated with the results they have achieved. We deliver exceptional content on adventure games, simulation games, action games, multiplayer games, etc. Our content is guaranteed to keep the visitor intrigued. 

Find original and awesome content creators.

Every online business needs a website to let the target audience know about its existence. It also needs blogs, articles, social media profiles, and other content channels to promote the business. We are the best content platform for all your content requirements. We do not compromise on originality and quality throughout our work. There’s no scope for plagiarism, and you can instantly use the content on your channels. 

With our professional freelance video game writers, you are sure to make a lasting impression. Good content is the key to influencing visitors to make a purchase decision, so you need to give your gaming content creation requirements into good hands. 

Don’t lose potential customers to the competition.

Great content is the need of the hour, and businesses must invest in the same for improved business performance and growth. Using unique and compelling content, you can attract customers and also give them an enjoyable experience. As a result, you will transform visitors into loyal customers who will keep returning to you for more. In the absence of compelling gaming content, you are at the risk of losing customers to the competition. 

Our writers are knowledgeable and passionate.

Through our work, you are bound to grab your audience’s attention. Our team of video game content writers is passionate about the industry, and therefore, their output will be mesmerizing for the audience. What’s more, our team is tech-savvy and enjoys gaming (only during free time). As a result, their writing efforts will lead to an increase in revenue. 

Get started with premium gaming content.

Gaming content writing undoubtedly helps a business by driving more traffic to their website. One of the most vital aspects of business visibility is good content. Your page must have information that is relevant, easy to understand, and easy to comprehend. At Pepper, we give you high-quality content that attracts your audience and also skyrockets your business.