The ultimate chat space for productive content teams

A collaborative tool that brings your internal and extended content teams together to create exemplary content, faster

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We worked with 2500+ brands

Create a chat-powered content workspace!



Project-wise chat space and tagging features can help ensure that everyone on the content team is held accountable


Faster TAT

Content teams can respond to team requests and feedback quickly and efficiently, resulting in a timely output


Reduced Costs

By streamlining workflows and improving communication, content teams can reduce project delays and errors

A feature-packed chat space for content teams

Project-Specific Chats

Organize your collaboration and eliminate cluttered chats with Pepper Chat's project-wise chat space


Say it with Video

Save time, reduce miscommunications, and add a human touch to your conversations


Tag and talk

Bring all relevant people into one chat and tag them as needed for a streamlined collaboration experience


Never miss a call

Schedule calls with creators to improve communication, reduce downtime, and get the most out of your content projects


Unleash the power of real-time interactions in your content marketing process

All teams under one space

<p>All teams under one space</p>

With chat space, video messages, and file sharing make it easier for content teams to communicate effectively

Get the most out of Pepper chat

Get the most out of the content marketing army with Pepper chat


increase in productivity


reduced scope of error


improved readability score

Goodbye messy email-chains, Hello Pepper Chat