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Sample: The 10 Best Skincare Tips for You During the Pandemic

Anirudh Singla
Anirudh Singla
Posted on 15/03/212 min read
Sample: The 10 Best Skincare Tips for You During the Pandemic

A sample blog created for the Beauty and Lifestyle domain, this one sums up the best tips to follow to ace the basics of skincare at home. The article is penned by a writer who has written for avant-garde lifestyle and beauty brands like Lotus Herbals and Forest Essentials.

The raging coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on our overall well-being. If you aren’t too careful, your skin can suffer as well. This is because when you feel stressed, you may have to battle a host of skin problems.

You may think that being at home during the pandemic, away from the sun and pollutants, cannot possibly make your skin lose its glow. The fact is, staying at home can make your skin look lifeless if you do not opt for a proper skincare routine.

So, here’s a 10-step guide to taking care of your skin while staying indoors during the pandemic.  

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1. Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin daily is imperative. This gains extra importance during the pandemic because washing our hands frequently can leave the skin dry. Hece, you need to apply a good moisturizer, depending on your skin type, in order to keep your skin soft and supple. You can opt for a moisturizer like the Nivea soft moisturizing crème; it’s a fast-absorbing cream that can rejuvenate your skin. If you tend to have an oily skin, then it’s best to use a water-soluble moisturizer.

2. Wash your face

Since you’re at home, you may think washing your face is not necessary. However, according to experts, you still need to wash your face every day, without fail. You can try the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash for keeping your face clean. Suitable for all skin types, this product helps in preventing pimples and acne as well. Otherwise consult a dermatologist who can recommend a proper face wash for your individual skin type.

3. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin is equally important. Dead skin cells can make your skin look dull; using an exfoliator at least thrice a week will leave your skin soft and glowing. Bacteria, oil and dead skin build-up can also lead to acne and breakouts, so make sure that you exfoliate and keep your pores clean while you’re at home. The Lotus Herbals Phyto Rx Skin Brightening Exfoliator can be a good option; it can help in removing whiteheads and blackheads.

4. Be gentle on your hands

Hot water can lead to skin damage, so use lukewarm or cool water with soap to wash your hands. Keep away from antibacterial cleaners as they are not very useful in preventing diseases. They also have chemicals that can irritate the skin.

5. Wear gloves when you clean

During the pandemic, everyone has become very particular about keeping their homes clean. But, do we take enough care to protect our skin while using cleaning products? Disinfectants are helpful against germs, but they may contain harsh chemicals that can affect your skin. Hence, wear gloves to keep your hands protected.

6. Combine moisturizers

Sometimes when you use a combination of moisturizers, they work better. You can first use a lightweight moisturizer that adds moisture to the skin’s outer layer and then follow it up with a heavy moisturizer that seals in the moisture and prevents any water loss.

7. Follow a proper skincare routine

Cleanse and moisturize your face, especially before and after you use a mask. Use products that will not clog your skin pores. Avoid products that contain petrolatum as it can come in the way of your mask’s (especially N95 masks) functions.

8. Treat acne

If you have developed acne and blemishes, you should cleanse your face regularly. A water-soluble moisturizer will help as well. Visit a dermatologist who will recommend the best possible treatment for your acne. Look for acne products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Avoid touching or squeezing your pimples, as this can lead to infection and inflammation in the areas concerned.

9. Avoid stress

During this time, we are all experiencing added stress. Manage your stress levels by relaxing your body, mind and soul, and this in turn will help your skin. Try to include in your daily routine some physical activities like jogging, cycling and practising yoga. Meditation can also help you feel calm and peaceful.

10. Use DIY skincare remedies

Homemade skincare remedies have proved to be helpful since time immemorial. Use your pantry for DIY treatments. However, be aware of your skin type and know which ingredients suit your skin. Simple home remedies such as a face pack combining the benefits of turmeric, besan and rose water can work wonders for your skin. Using a pack containing raw milk, saffron and sandalwood can be helpful as well. 

All in all, make it a point to follow these 10 simple skincare tips during the pandemic when our skin needs some extra TLC. Choose your beauty products wisely. If you notice a reaction to any of the products you use, contact your dermatologist for advice immediately.

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