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Sample: How To Improve Food Security In Post-pandemic India?

Anirudh Singla
Anirudh Singla
Posted on 19/03/212 min read
Sample: How To Improve Food Security In Post-pandemic India?

This article is an example of our writing services in the Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting domain. An expert author with experience of writing for associated brands pens the facts on how the pandemic is affecting the country’s food supply and strengthening it will only help us grow.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the entire world in turmoil. During other pandemics in history, the primary fear factor was a large number of deaths. COVID-19 appears to have a lower percentage of mortality. However, it has affected various systems of our day-to-day life resulting in a huge impact on us.

Pandemic overview

Coronavirus has socio-economically affected countries–superpowers, developing and underdeveloped ones alike! When we look at India, we see a huge impact on most people in terms of the source of income, the regularity in income and the amount of income. The distribution and supply network has shattered, resulting in a hike in the prices of common commodities and goods. This, in turn, has resulted in a drastic change in the lifestyle of many Indians.

This pandemic has also urged people to 

  • Choose a healthier lifestyle
  • Rely more on things available locally
  • Cut down on unnecessary costs
  • Spending more time at home and with families

There is also an increase in humanitarian activities and growth in the overall display of compassion amongst people. 

While we overcome the condition, organisations worldwide are developing measures to prevent future outbreaks of a similar nature. The current pandemic has turned into a test drive for humanity to learn from its errors and ensure a better tomorrow.

Pandemic and India

Today, India is almost stable having faced its fair share of invasions, pandemics and adverse climatic conditions in the past.  From being a world leader in the early 18th century, India has seen a drastic downfall in its economic rank globally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further affected the country’s economic stability, where the vast segment of people affected includes daily wage earners. Daily wage workers help in the daily rotation of money, resulting in a fast-flowing economic boom. With them being affected, the flow of liquid cash in the country has come to a standstill.

This has affected the supply chain and has resulted in a change in the distribution timeframe. This not only impacts the country’s economic development but also social development. Some segments have been seen hoarding goods fearing shortage in the future. Such issues, if not dealt with swiftly and accurately, can further impact growth.

Overcoming the pandemic

A few policies have been set to help overcome the pandemic. These include but are not limited to decisions such as:

  • Provision of easy access loans
  • Mid-day meals for children
  • Child development support
  • Cash and food support for the affected
  • Free and subsidized medical support for the affected
  • Policies to resume business activities safely and responsibly

These activities focus on recovering the economy. They can really help the country overcome the pandemic by utilising techniques, policies and changes that enable self-growth. Some of these techniques emphasize growing food locally and avoiding wastage of food. Let’s look at some more of such methodologies:

  • Avoiding large-scale ceremonies where food and other resources are wasted in huge quantities
  • Taking part in micro-farming practices such as kitchen gardens and urban terrace farming to access a diverse nutrition basket.
  • Choosing healthier lifestyles
  • Recycle, reuse, and reduce
  • Implementing policies for employee welfare and support
  • Deploying awareness programmes to help spread positive messages and teach techniques and skills that can help individuals survive and grow

With the social distancing and contactless exchanges becoming an upward trend, it is the need of the hour that individuals become the new powerhouses of tomorrow.

Food security in post-pandemic India

India is still reeling under the continuous pressure coronavirus is putting on its economy. Food security has become a grave concern. Below are a few policies that might help India strengthen its food industry:

  • Increasing food production by adopting sustainable practices based on precision farming
  • Adopting conserve food policies
  • Avoiding loss of crop due to natural phenomena by implementing prediction models
  • Conducting surveys to understand the food consumption needs of individual crops and planning plantation zones and crops accordingly
  • Increasing demand for food in urban pockets and micro-farming
  • Using disease prevention models and technologies to reduce the loss of output

As we all know, a full stomach is a happy stomach, and thus food security is of utmost importance today for India’s socio-economic growth. Reinforcing some practices, policies and techniques can help India achieve absolute food security and immense growth!

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