5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Content Writing

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Team Pepper
Posted on 25/11/217 min read
5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Content Writing

Table of content 

  1. Introduction
  2. What does it mean to improve the quality of content?
  3. Five simple ways that are beneficial for your content
  4. Key takeaways 
  5. Towards the end
  6. FAQs

Every content marketer and writer struggles to produce engaging content. The best way to stand out from others is to focus on quality. While writing, you need to keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to grab your readers’ attention. 

Even if you have written the best content, but you have not got their eyeballs, your content will not perform well. Content writing is tricky, and there is no perfect formula to it. You need to work hard to find what is best for you. 

Great writing not only includes using good grammar and proper sentence structure but also using words, lines, and phrases that will hook the readers’ attention. Here are a few ways on how to improve content writing skills. But before that, let’s understand what good content entails. 


What Does it Mean to Improve the Quality of Content?

Quality content is something that every reader wants. Around 78% of companies today have a team of content specialists, according to SEMrush. And this is because almost 70% of marketers are today investing in content marketing, says HubSpot. Content marketing is nothing but a type of marketing that involves creating and sharing online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services, according to Oxford. 

Thus, you (company or content writer) need to create content that every reader is willing to consume and share among their groups. The content should eventually coax your readers or consumers to purchase your product or service. Try looking at the amount of time the readers are spending on your web or blog page, the number of shares and likes on your social media post content, how many purchases were made if your business has an eCommerce angle, and finally, the number of people added to your list or funnel. With time, these numbers keep on increasing or decreasing, and you need to note whether it is a growth or a decline. 


There are many tools available online that can track your growth, making this task quite easy. Did you know that a Statista survey of bloggers found that 32% of them always checked the analytics of their blog posts?

A good piece of content helps you stand out from the crowd and competitors. You cannot improve your content quality within a day; it takes time to achieve a certain level of excellence. To create good content, you need to practice writing daily with different tones and styles. 

When you write content, it should be persuasive and entertaining. Your reader is the main reason you are writing, and hence, you must focus on them and their needs. A major reason why many users fail to achieve their desired goal is that they fail to consider their set of the audience while writing. Create content that adds value instead of creating content that sells. While writing, address your audience’s problem and provide information that they need.

Your writing should appeal to people’s emotions and logic. You need to figure out the pulse of your audience. For example, you can appeal to their tradition or their experience.

Coming up with a good piece of writing is difficult. But it is all possible with dedication, excellence, and, most importantly, proper strategic planning.

Five Simple Ways that are Beneficial for Your Content

1. Adding facts and research to back up your points

Adding facts and resource points is a good way to increase your content credibility. It is also important to cite the sources. If you are using any facts, then fact-checking is important. Establishing a good content standard that is accurate means that your customer can rely on you and avail of your services. 

Another way to increase the credibility of your content is by using quotes or insights published by highly-reputed people or sources. This shows that you are not new and have adequate knowledge of the industry. It also shows that a business is trustworthy. 

All that you write should be backed up by good research. You need to show them why you are right and what the facts and figures are saying. You need to give logical arguments to build trust.

2. Tone and voice

Every great writer has an individual tone and voice, which makes them different from others. It is a very rookie mistake to use the same tone in every content that you write. Some content requires an informative and authoritative tone, whereas others require fun and entertaining tone. You need to decide what suits the requirement and the type of audience you are targeting. 

Understanding and identifying your individualistic tone takes time and requires experience. You need to practice daily and provide some of the finest written articles to your clients. 

Many beginners make the mistake of writing like an expert. If you’re not an expert, do not try to sound like one. It will make the content even more difficult to read and not at all entertaining. Tone and voice are the most important part of any branding or marketing work. Each brand has its own tone. For example, an entertainment website will never have an authoritative tone. It will also have an entertaining or informative voice. Meanwhile, an eCommerce write-up will have a descriptive or informative tone. This is one of the important tips to improve content writing.

Prow the internet to learn and understand more about different styles of writing. There are also many free and paid courses where you can practice and write in different styles. Consistency is the key to writing better.

3. It is all about the first paragraph

The first thing that any reader reads is the headline, followed by the first introductory paragraph. This is where your content should be absolutely clear and must be able to grab their attention. Coming up with a good opening line consistently is difficult. Here are a few ways in which you can coin a great starting paragraph:

  • Start with a fact: It is always a great idea to start with an eye-opening fact so that the readers are intrigued and want to read more.
  • Start with humor: Jokes are a good way to grab one’s attention. Start with a joke and then move towards explaining it.
  • Direct tone: If the article is serious and informative, you do not need to beat around the bush. You can directly start with what the content is about and give a brief introduction about it. 
  • Catchy quote: You can start the content with a famous quote or create something related to the content.
  • A sneak peek of the article: You can glimpse what the article is about in the first paragraph. 

According to some studies, the most important information of your content should be mentioned in the first two paragraphs to gain the maximum number of readers.

4. Brush up your basics

Even when you become an expert, you should not forget the basics. Though there are many proofreading and grammar checking tools available online, you must have a basic sense of the language you are writing in. 

It is always a good idea to take up an online course now and then to brush up on your basics and acquire some new writing skills and techniques. For quick and easy access, download relevant apps and bookmark sites like Thesaurus, Grammarly, etc. 

Long sentences and phrases are a no-no today since most readers only scan through your text before deciding on delving deeply into it. Write short, meaningful, and information-packed sentences. Be clean and clear. Make your point while writing, and when it’s done, stop, do not write unnecessarily just to increase the word count. 

5. Focus on content

Good content is always focused content. You should not wander about with different ideas. Pick a topic or a subject and write on it. Create an outline before you start writing. An outline will guide you about what and how to write. While writing, ask yourself questions like: 

  • What is the purpose of this piece? 
  • What do you want from it? 
  • How can it benefit the readers? 

Before you start writing, you must be capable of answering these questions, and after completing the content, it should contain all the answers. 

When your focus shifts from the main topic, the audience loses interest and goes to your competitors’ websites. 

Towards The End

Content writing is not a cakewalk and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to master the skill to get the best out of it. There are many ways you can improve yourself and achieve more. The above ways will help you to write better and help sell your content. If you are dedicated to writing, then be consistent, and you will see positive results. The above points will surely answer the question — how to develop content writing skills.


1. How to improve copywriting skills?

Copywriting skills require regular practice. Content writing and copywriting are two different things and require different skill sets. With clever copy, you can create a good impression in the minds of readers. Copywriting consists of different types of content like digital, infographics, print, etc. Here are a few tips to improve your copywriting skills:
1. Strong writing skills
2. Creative thinking
3. Ability to write short and simpler content 
4. Ability to create catchy headlines

2. What are the five things you can do to improve your writing skills?

Here are five simple things that can improve your content and enhance your writing skills:
1. Make writing your daily exercise
2. Read a lot of content about the same topic to write better
3.. After writing, conduct a thorough editing session and go through every line properly. 
4. Keep your content crisp and clear. 
5. Sit down and write your content peacefully. 

3. How to develop content writing skills?

If you are new to content writing, you must start by learning different aspects of content writing like SEO, keyword research, etc. Besides, here are some ways to home your content writing skills: 
1. Go for online tools and courses to learn content writing. 
2. After learning the basics, you must practice writing content daily. 
3. Write on different topics or join an internship so that you are exposed to a wider topic base. 

4. What is the fastest way to improve creative writing skills?

Here is the secret recipe to the fastest way to improve your creative writing skills:
Write regularly or, if possible daily
Read as much as possible
Try reading content having different tone and style
Always remember to outline your content
Join a workshop or an online class to learn more
Take an internship
If you don’t like writing alone, work with a partner
Work for clients from different niche

5. What are the five strategies of writing?

Here are the top five must-know strategies of writing:
1. Use simpler words and phrases and write according to your target audience. 
2. Write shorter sentences and avoid using long paragraphs. Shorter sentences are not only good for SEO but also increase your readability score.
3. Use keywords but do not fill your content with unnecessary keywords. 
4. Strike a balance between sophisticated and simple words. 
5. Avoid using too many negative words and sentences in your content. 

6. How can I become a good content writer?

You can become a good content writer by following these simple steps:

1. Learn to write good headlines that are short and can also grab the attention of the readers
2. Read as much as possible
3. Join an online class or course to learn more 
4. Practice daily 
5. Learn from the experts

7. How can I learn content writing at home?

You can easily learn content writing at home by joining an online course. The key to good writing is constant practice and determination.

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